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Noobishtry Noobishtry

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This ain't drum and bass...

This is just noise =P Sorry, but it's true. You need to start learning how to master your sounds better. I dont' even have to look at an EQ to tell this song is distorting through the roof. You have the right idea and the beats cool, but it's too overpowering. You should tone down the sounds a TON and let the listener decide how loud it is. 9 on originality. 6 on diversity, try not making it so repetitive...DnB isn't always the same thing four measures, then a change or two here and there. Try tweaking it up a little more. Clarity is a four, simply because you need some major volume adjustments on it. You put effort into it, so i'll give you a seven. Not bad, but you could have gone further =P Work towards getting the full version. It's well worth it!

All about the guitars All about the guitars

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


No =/ Sorry mate. Putting that much delay on instruments does not sound good. I agree, the guitars sound cool but you can barely hear them. In my opinion, destroy the thought of trying to make this song. Remixes aren't that great, anyways, as it doesn't really show how much talent you truly have. Try doing something on your own, and remember. There are knobs on the FL Delay for a reason! Tone it down otherwise you'll get too much sound at once which causes distortion.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Yeah you could have gone further...

Try listening to some professional mixes to get an idea of what the Electronica genre is all about. DJ Tiesto, George Acosta, Total Euphoria, and a few other big names that are out there. Listening to those will give you a really big picture of what sounds great to other people. Keep practicing with FL, you're getting better. I wanna hear more original work for you, and you should get the full version so you can hit up Collab. See you around